Pastebin Kaspersky Rule

I was just fed up having to copy the code from pastbin instead of using the links directly. So, I googled and searched the forum but could not find a how to.

So, here is how I did it without allowing lsass.exe internet access (imagine...) or disabling your anti-virus app.

1. open kaspersky
2. navigate to your firewall
3. select the entry for Path of Building.exe
4. it should be green already but this is not enough
5. right click the entry
6. select Details and Rules
7. select network rules
8. add a new rule
9. set those settings:


Name: your choice
Action: allow
Destination: out
Protocoll: TCP
Remote Port: 443
Local Port: 443
Remote Address: Address from list
Remote Address:
Local Address: any

This very much works with your tool of choice of course, you just have to figure out how to setup the rule. The settings (port, protocol, destination, etc.) are the same.

If only one benefits from this post, I am already happy.

if you nerf 10 gems out of 30, you automatically buff the other 20!
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Das hier ist das deutsche Forum, keine Ahnung warum Du das in Englisch postest.

Außerdem denke ich, dass das Problem nur in Verbindung von Kaspersky und PoB auftritt, werden die wenigsten haben da die meisten Leute nur den Windows Virenscanner benutzen seit bekannt wurde, dass manche Antivirenprogramme Deinen Internetverkehr ausspionieren und weiterverkaufen oder/und Bitcoin Mining auf Deinem PC machen.

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