An Intreguing Lesson from WoW Classic

People appear to like it when the *journey* is long and challenging, not just the destination (end game bosses). This makes playing exciting from start to finish.

A game where the journey is mindlessly easy makes leveling a tedious chore rather than an adrenaline-fueling experience.

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that isn't the lesson, the lesson is nostalgia sells and everyone already knew that one except blizzard who had to be hit round the head with it until it became so obvious they could no longer refuse.
What about all the people who had never played classic that are now and love it for the reasons listed above?
The "journey" in wow classic is not challenging, it's just extremely long.

Extremely long and repetitive.

Now you can sell extremely long and repetitive to the right audience, but let's not make like this was some really intriguing shit with a lot of variety. The story is sparse, and the gameplay loop consists of semi-slowly killing a single enemy the same way over and over again for about 50-80 hours.
Touche. I suppose I was thinking more of 5-man dungeons.
KZA schrieb:
What about all the people who had never played classic that are now and love it for the reasons listed above?

Somebody elses nostalgia, I doubt they will stay :p

old MMOs have alot going for them I just strongly disagree with your hypothesis that its because the journey is long and arduous.
And how would poe integrate this lesson.
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By making the leveling phase more challenging. Grim Dawn accomplishes this to some extent thanks to their Veteran difficulty mode.
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how would poe integrate this lesson

Not really doable. 5-mans in WoW, especially vanilla where you need multi CC, are specifically designed as a multi-player experience where the synergies from different builds are needed to win.

You cannot take a single-player boss fight, add more damage and health, and have it feel like that.
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