[WIP] Spectral Throw/ Raise Tank Spectre Necromancer

Here is an build idea for the witch/ necromancer class:

Spectral Throw/ Raise Spectre Necromancer

I wanted to have a build for the necromancer class (since I enjoy this class the most) that has a decent map clear speed (literally ST) but also able to fight bosses "easy" (having tank spectres and standing behind them and dealing a lot of damage through ST). So i thought about it and came to ST with tank RS. I didn't tested the build yet by myself but I am going to do it in the next time. by now it is just a funny idea/ theory for a build. Here are some of my points that i have thought of:

Skill Three


Gems & links for the build

Spectral Throw - Greater Multiple Projectiles Support - Added Lightning Damage Support - Increased Critical Strikes Support - Elemental Damage With Attacks Support - Faster Attacks Support

Raise Spectre - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support - Minion Life Support - Lightning Golem

Aura: Herald of Thunder & Wrath

Golem: Lightning Golem


Some unique gear i thought of:

Hand of Thought and Motion or later on Hand of Wisdom and Action


Vis Mortis or Belly of the Beast

Wraithlord or Skullhead

Like I said at the beginning this build is currently in "development" and i gonna improve it as soon as I get some more ideas or improvements.

I hope you could help me improving this build/ guide or I can inspire you for your own Spectral Throw/ Raise Spectre Necromancer.
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Warum erstellt jemand im deutschen Forum einen Build in englischer Sprache?
Wenn das so weiter gemacht wird brauch ich kein deutsches Forum!

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